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I. WP Contentio Overview

II. Introduction

III. What is WP Contentio?
& About Author

IV. Exclusive Features Of WP Contentio

V. How Does It Work?
& Demo Video

VI. Why Should You Get It Now?
& What Are Current Users Say?

VII. Conclusion

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WP Contentio is taking the subtitles of YouTube videos and converting them into a blog post, not just that, the generated content is 100% easily readable, unlike most of the other services.

  • Instantly create posts through YouTube videos.
  • Hyperlink any Keyword with any link through out the entire blog.
  • Add Individual text Call To Actions at the end of every post.

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    WP Contentio Review

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    3-Step Tool Generates Google-Friendly High Authority Content For Your Website In Less Than 60-Seconds


    I. WP Contentio Review – Overview

    Product NameWP Contentio
    CreatorNeil Napier
    Launch DateDecember 15th, 2016 at 11AM EST
    SalepageCHECK HERE
    Official Price$67
    DISCOUNTCLICK HERE to Grab WP Contentio with 45% OFF (LIMITED)! Hurry Up!
    NicheWP Plugin
    BonusWP Contentio Bonus + $25,900 Bonus & It’s Yours! CLICK HERE
    SupportEffective Response
    RecommendedHighly Recommended

    II. Introduction

    A brand new plugin has just been released to our market.

    Contentio – a solution that just launched – helps convert YouTube videos into text-based content that you can use for:

    – Blog posts
    – Affiliate sites
    – Other videos
    – Sales pages
    – And more…

    This WP Plugin works on a simple 3-step process:

    Source -> Spin -> Syndicate

    So you can source YouTube videos that have many views and positive comments. Then just grab the text from these videos (automagically) and use in-built content spinner to make content unique. Post it on your site with affiliate links (or other CTAs to build a list).

    Then share it across social media.

    And voila.

    8-hours of process crunched into less than 5 minutes.

    Till today – there was no fool-proof way to use videos from YouTube and convert them into content on site.

    Most of the “Workarounds” required extensive HTML knowledge and spending time to find the right videos and convert them into something useful.

    Contentio overcomes all those hurdles and delivers a POWERFUL method to generate content on-the-fly!

    FIRE your content creator!
    FIRE your content editor!

    Because you can now do this by yourself – with 5-10 minutes of “work” every day.

    And you can do this right WITHIN your WordPress site – no need to go anywhere else.

    If you can’t wait anymore and want to buy this software now, it is ok, click button above. But if you want to know more about it before you decide, see my WP Contentio Review carefully now!

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    III. WP Contentio Review – What Is It?

    WP Contentio Review
    Whenever you want to buy something, you have to know what it is. Let me do that for you.

    A WP Plugin that will change the way you create content. Now, there are basically thousands of services out there that “curate” content, but, WP Contentio will “create” content. Content, that is 100% Unique and can’t be found on any other blog or website.

    WP Contentio is taking the subtitles of YouTube videos and converting them into a blog post, not just that, the generated content is 100% easily readable, unlike most of the other services.

    » Instantly create posts through YouTube videos.
    » Hyperlink any Keyword with any link through out the entire blog.
    » Add Individual text Call To Actions at the end of every post.

    wp contentio creator

    The man behind this product is Neil Napier. He is the famous internet marketers in the online marketing world. Neil and his team have created so many valuable digital marketing products in recent years. They are also the man behind many great products such as WP Profit Triggers, MobileX, SocialX, VidPush and many more successful digital product launches.

    IV. Exclusive Features Of Contentio


    » Quick Convert «

    Convert Any YouTube video into your blog post, in less than 60 secs.

    » Keyword Linking «

    Link specific keywords throughout the blog.

    » Quick Details «

    Word Count and reading time preview helps you ensure that the post is not too long nor too small for your readers.

    » Instant Images + YouZign Integration «

    YouTube thumbnail automatically added to the post. (Use Youzign? Replace it with your Youzign graphics. YES – we integrate with Youzign.)

    » Instant Call to Actions «

    Add text call to action right at the end of your post.

    » In-Built Content Spinning «

    Spin the content and get the most unique version of it.

    » Instant Post Tags «

    Contentio fetches video tags from your selected video and adds them to your post tags automatically, which helps your posts get indexed higher on search engines.

    » Real Time Categorizing «

    Arrange your posts into categories right from the Contentio dashboard.

    » Real Time Editing «

    No need to navigate here and there.. Edit Post title/tags/text, spin content, categorize, add ending CTA, change featured image and do much more right from the Contentio dashboard.

    Ready to buy!

    V. How Does It Work?

    This software is created for all levels users, so it is very easy to use. One more thing, you can run this tool only by following 3 SIMPLE STEPS which also means you don’t have to face with difficult problem.

    Get high authority content from YouTube videos

    Spin the content to make unlimited unique variations

    Post content and syndicate around-the web


    For more details, you can watch the demo video below:

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    VI. Why Should You Get It Now?

    I think you have seen the benefits of this tool. Maybe you’re concerned about the price. Let me tell you something.

    The online business market is more and more difficult, so you have to work very hard to keep up with your competitors. Without using this tool, you will have to take your precious time and money in order to have a Viral, SEO-Optimized,.. Content for your website. And the result can’t satisfy your expectations.

    Instead of that, you can use the precious time to upgrade your products or finding others products to supply the needs of customers.

    That’s the reason why I introduce WP Contentio to you today.

    Look At What Current Users Are Saying…

    VII. WP Contentio Review – Conclusion

    To sum up, if you are doing or you have intention to set up an online business, WP Contentio is exactly what you have to invest.

    While you are thinking about buying this tool, other people have bought and used it for their business which also means they are attracting customers from you. Don’t hesitate anymore!

    BECAUSE not only you’re getting access to WP Contentio for the best price ever offered, but also you can Try It Out For 30 Days Risk Free. When you purchase Contentio, 100% Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. If you don’t feel satisfy of this product within the first 30 days, you can refund – no question asked. Nothing to lose! What are you waiting for? Get & Try “Contentio” today right now and Claim “Contentio Bonus” & plus FREE $25,900 Bonuses from me!

    Thanks for reading my WP Contentio Review. I hope that my WP Contentio Review can satisfy you some parts.


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