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SharpSocial Review – What are you looking for? Are you looking for more info about SHARP SOCIAL? Please read my honest review about this product before choosing/purchasing, to know more information, features, who/why should use?, price, etc., of it. Thank you!

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SharpSocial – this is the first and only web application for Facebook and YouTube users which is integrated with the real artificial intelligence power. It can judge your customers based on their emotions and learn to send the best message in replying to them. This is the best software for user engagement on social networks so far. And the best part is that you can set it up for a fully automated process!


  • Boost Engagement by direct private response
  • Fully Automated Web-based SaaS
  • Facebook and Youtube Approved
  • Real Targeted Traffic Generation with IBM technology
  • Clean and newbie friendly dashboard
  • Exclusive Bonus & Reasonable Price
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    SharpSocial Review

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    Worlds Only App That Uses Sentiments & Emotional Analysis To Engage Users Using Comment Reply & Private Messages!



    Hi there? How are you doing with your business? I believe that it need some more traffic, conversions, or sales? Yes, that’s right! Any business owners are hunger about sales and conversions. But in this age of technology, if you don’t know how to make use of hi-tech software to take advantages over others, you will be left far behind. In my SharpSocial review right here, I will introduce a brilliant tool that really works on boosting your business results.

    Firstly, let me ask you a question: Which way can you think of to convert all comments on YouTube and Facebook to real customers?

    Directly contact them to get a chance? Hell no! That is exhausting and very low possibility of success. What if I tell you there now a software using the AI technology from IBM to help you deal with problem automatically and intelligently?

    Yes! That’s what SharpSocial all about! This intelligent software uses the Machine learning technology from the IBM to deal with thousands of customers at the same time as you are really doing business with them.

    For those who don’t know what AI and Machine Learning Technology is, Google will show you the answer. Simply, that means you can have a system answering your customers like a real human, with emotions in every word, and it can works with all of your customers at once. It saves you tons of time, money, and effort while increasing the possibility of getting sales.

    In my SharpSocial review today, I’m gonna show all of SS features and also my evaluation of this software. After reading my SharpSocial review, you will have the full data of this software to decide whether to buy it or not.

    SharpSocial Review – Product Summary

    Product NameSHARPSOCIAL
    CreatorAbhi Dwivedi
    Launch DateMarch 20th, 2017 at 11AM EST
    SalepageCHECK HERE
    Official Price$37.00
    DISCOUNTCLICK HERE to Grab SHARP SOCIAL MULTI just $27.95 (during earlybird, will expire soon)! Hurry Up!
    BonusSharpSocial Bonus + Special Bonus & It’s Yours! CLICK HERE
    Refund30 Days Money Back Guarantee
    Recommended100% Highly Recommended

    The small list above is just a brief round-up about the SharpSocial software. However, Abhi Dwivedi is offering a great deal for his SharpSocial app in his official website with many available pricing plans. This deal is going to be closed soon so if you want to secure your chance first, click the button below to get to his official website now!

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    Firstly, What exactly is SharpSocial?

    SharpSocial Review

    Whenever you want to buy something, you have to know what it is. Let me do that for you.

    SharpSocial is the first and only web application for Facebook and YouTube users which is integrated with the real artificial intelligence power. It can judge your customers based on their emotions and learn to send the best message in replying to them. This is the best software for user engagement on social networks so far. And the best part is that you can set it up for a fully automated process!

    If you are working in the online marketing and technology industry, Sentiment Analysis and Machine Learning from the IBM are nothing strange. With those technologies, SharpSocial can scan all comments and replies on your Facebook and YouTube pages. The software then understands these messages and base on them to choose the best custom responses to send.

    About the creator Abhi Dwivedi

    The creator of SharpSocial is Abhi Dwivedi – an expert in the internet marketing and product creation industries. He is an experienced marketer who mastered the Facebook and YouTube advertising systems for affiliate marketing. He earned millions of dollars per year with his full-time online career.

    Now, with all of his experiences, he realized that if he wants to make success, he has to apply the newest technology possible to his product. That’s the reason why he chose IBM technology and created the great software in this SharpSocial review.

    Typical features of SharpSocial

    Boost Engagement by direct private response

    Do you know that private response to the customer increases the chance of getting sales to 200%? This smart system will do that to all customers who comment on your page, boosting the engagement of it and also the chance of converting them into customers.

    Fully Automated Web-based SaaS

    The SharpSocial system is 100% cloud-based so you don’t have to install anything. You only have to log into your SharpSocial account, set it up, and let it do it all for you on automation.

    Facebook and Youtube Approved

    The software is approved and integrated into Facebook and YouTube, meaning you will get no trouble connecting your account to these networks and no glitch during the time of using it.

    Real Targeted Traffic Generation with IBM technology

    As mentioned, this SharpSocial system uses the intelligent technologies from IBM, making this app stand out of all others and become your best assistant to drive real traffic and conversions.

    Clean and newbie friendly dashboard

    As soon as you get into the software, you will see how easy-to-use it is. Even newbies can master this software in just 20 minutes.

    SharpSocial review offers you an overall view of your markets, niches, fans, and customers, so you can ensure the great engagement level of your pages. That allows you to leverage your results, build a bigger list, get more targeted traffic, and sell more products.

    How does it work?

    So, after reading the features in my SharpSocial review, you may wonder if it’s hard to work with this software. Not at all! Here the full process that you need to do when working with this app:

    #1: Log into your SharpSocial account and choose the social media account

    #2: See the analysis of people’s reactions to your post sorted by positive, neutral, or negative responses.

    #3: Set up and send massive custom response instantly to anyone comments on your post. This step is based on the reactions: happy, angry, confused, sad, or neutral.

    To know about the working process of Sharp Social better, please watch the demo video right below:

    Very simple, right? So what makes this software different from others? Continue reading this Sharp Social to find out.

    Who should buy SharpSocial?

    SharpSocial is effective for any kinds of business that require Facebook fanpages, YouTube channels, or qualified traffic. You can use this software for List Building, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales, Brand Reputation, eCommerce websites, and TeeSpring businesses.

    With SharpSocial, your business can:

    Get higher response rates: SharpSocial skyrocket your response rate with targeted message sent to people to deal with their real reactions.

    Gain more trust: Your messages will be greatly relevant to the content of that comment, so customers will feel more truthful and believe in your supporting system.

    Send private messages or public replies automatically: You can choose from using public replies or private messages. Public replies give you the reputation protection and also great customer support. Private messages open more chances to deliver sensitive info, phone numbers, offers, coupon codes, download links, or anything!

    Facebook and YouTube all-in-one: You can access and manage the data from both Facebook and YouTube platform in a single dashboard screen!

    When you get instant access to SharpSocial today, you’ll get everything for just…

    Why is SharpSocial better than other apps?

    The first thing to mention in my SharpSocial review is the IBM technologies. There’s no app at that price let you use the smart system from one of the biggest developers in the world. All other apps just allow you to send mass private messages to the list, without customization for each customer’s reactions. SharpSocial provides a better method to contact customers and get their problems solved.

    The second point that SharpSocial take advantages over others are that it can manage both Facebook and YouTube accounts in a single interface. It makes you a lot easier to control your data and saves tons of time, while other apps allow you to manage just one platform at a time.

    The last thing to say about SharpSocial is that with this software, you can adjust everything immediately with the data filters and analysis. You can easily send bulk messages in targeted groups of positive, neutral, or reactions to increase the engagement rate of each message.

    My Experience with SharpSocial

    I have to say that SS system is really brilliant. That’s what the Machine Learning AI technology all about. It can really learn to recognize the best-fitted responses to reply to comments of my customers. And the best part is that this is the machine work, so it does not miss any comment in my whole day (normally I miss about 5 among 50 comments on my fanpage).

    Since the time I start using SharpSocial, this software has helped me to increase the rate of response to 100% and boost the response time to instant response, while I have to do nothing except spending about 10 minutes to set up the system.

    Final SharpSocial Review

    To sum my SharpSocial review simply, I have to say that this is a phenomenal software which I have never seen in my online marketing life. I already got myself a copy of it, how about you?

    If you want to purchase your SharpSocial account today, Abhi Dwivedi is offering his software on the official website for the price of only $37 for Multi version. Only a small investment, but you will see what I told you right after you apply it to your business. Click the button right below to get to SharpSocial official website and see what Abhi Dwivedi has for you!

    money back guarantee

    While you are thinking about buying this powerful tool, other people have bought and used it for their business which also means they are attracting customers from you.

    If you get to the end of the program and you aren’t 100% satisfied with your results, all you have to do is email the vendor – Abhi Dwivedi and ask for a refund. It’s that simple.

    I will cheerfully give your money back with no questions and no hassles. You have a full 30 days to put SharpSocial to the test.

    You’ve obviously got nothing to lose, and only new sales and conversions to gain…

    What are you waiting for? Get & Try “SharpSocial” today right now and Claim “SharpSocial Bonus” & plus FREE Special Bonus from me!

    This is all I have to tell you in my SharpSocial review. I hope that you now have all information you need to see if this software is really good or not. If you have any problem with purchasing this software, contact me through this website right away to handle the situation. Thank you for reading!
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