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Live Suite Pro Review – What are you looking for? Are you looking for more info about LIVE SUITE PRO? Please read my honest review about this product before choosing/purchasing, to know more information, features, who/why should use?, price, etc., of it. Thank you!

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I. Live Suite Pro Overview

II. Introduction

III. What is Live Suite Pro?

IV. Exclusive Features Of Live Suite Pro

V. How Does It Work?
& Demo Video

VI. Why Should You Get It Now?

VII. Conclusion

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Live Suite Pro Review

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New Software Get More Leads, Traffic & Engagement In Your Business Using Facebook Live

World’s First and Only All in One Facebook Live Marketing Suite


I. Live Suite Pro Review – Overview

Product NameLive Suite Pro
CreatorJai Sharma, Gaurav Madaan & Saurabh Bhatnagar
Launch DateDecember 21st, 2016 at 11AM EST
Official Price$197.00/yr | $497.00 Lifetime (91% bought lifetime deal)
DISCOUNTCLICK HERE to Grab Live Suite Pro with 81% OFF (LIMITED)! Hurry Up!
NicheFacebook Live Marketing Suite
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SupportEffective Response
RecommendedHighly Recommended

II. Introduction

Hi guys! Welcome to my Live Suite Pro Review. Live Suite Pro is said to be the greatest launch in the last days of 2016, but who will easily spend their hard earned $197/year or even $497 for lifetime version (note: $97 on sale but limited time – hurry up!!) to get a product?

You need an unbiased and detailed Live Suite Pro review to make sure that your decision to buy is right.

Live Suite Pro is a Software which is a Bundle itself full of 6 Softwares.

You can do so many Amazing things with your Live Video now, which were not even imaginable till yesterday.

It is called a complete Facebook Live Marketing suite by me that allows you to:

#1: Schedule your Live Video
#2: Run Live News like Tickers
#3: Show Live User Reactions
#4: Go Live in Unlimited Fan Pages and Groups at the same time
#5: Send Personalized Automated message to anyone who Reacts/ Comments on your Facebook Live Video
#6: Moreover you can control all these features with a Mobile App

You see this is the Most Advanced and Complete Software you will ever use.

Facebook Live is a Game Changer and it is here to stay and so should you too should adapt to this Technology so that you don’t lose the Race like the way Nokia did to themselves.

Mark Zuckerberg is putting EVERYTHING into this platform and here is what you need to know:

=> by using FB live, you’ll get better organic reach, meaning MORE traffic … so you won’t have to pay to boost posts or even buy ads

=> you can build your brand and authority almost instantly

=> you can direct your audience with links to your offers resulting in Profits

All this is great, but there are STILL drawbacks.

FB Live is still Limited..
..which really kills your reach. The solution?


As a tester of Live Suite Pro team, my Live Suite Pro review aims to give the most comprehensive evaluation so you can thoroughly understand Live Suite Pro features as well as give away some valuable and free Live Suite Pro exclusive bonus.

It’s gonna be a very long post ‘cause I want to make it very clear so you can really get the functions of this products.

Or if you can’t wait anymore and want to buy this software now, it is ok, click button above. But if you want to know more and more about it before you decide, see my Live Suite Pro review carefully now!

When You Buy Live Suite Pro Today, You Also Get These Fast-Action Bonuses

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III. What Is It?

Live Suite Pro Review

Whenever you want to buy something, you have to know what it is. Let me do that for you.

LiveSuitePro is the Only web based Live Video Marketing Suite that allows users the Ability to Schedule Live Videos, Send Auto Messages to people who comments,
Show Live Real Time Reactions, Run Tickers, Run Live Videos In Premium Placeholders and Go live on Multiple pages and groups simultaneously on Facebook!

Live Suite Pro’s Lifetime Access Provides You..

1. Live Suite Pro Membership

World’s 1st & All In One FB Live Suite To Get More Leads, Traffic & Engagement In Your Business Using Facebook Live

2. Schedule your Live Video

Live Suite Pro will allow you to Schedule your Live Videos at a Specific Date and Time, which will create Super Hype and Enthusiastic audience for your Live Video. Automated Notifications will be sent to your Audience as soon as you will Go Live.

3. Run Live Tickers

Run News like Professional looking Live Videos, which will create Stunning Impact among the attendees of your Live Video.

Highlight important points, Website Links, Unique features and anything that you want to come inside Live Ticker.

4. Send Automated Messages

Send Personalized Automated messages to your customers who Comment in your Live Video.

With 100% message Inbox delivery you can promote anything you want.

5. Show Live User Reactions

Show user reactions inside your Facebook Live in real time, generating huge excitement and engagement.

Connect with people’s emotions and show Real Time Engagements inside your Facebook Live.

6. Go Live in Multiple Locations

Go Live on Multiple Locations at ONCE.

Instantly Syndicate your Facebook Live on all of your Fan Pages and Groups which notify All of your fans, subscribers, customers at once about your FB Live to increase your LIVE Audience up to ten folds.

7. iOS and Android Mobile App

Run Facebook Live on the Go from anywhere with Live Suite Pro Mobile App.

You will be able to use all the Power Packed features of Live Suite Pro while you are on Vacation or want to Go Live from an Outside location.

8. Premium Live Video Placeholder Templates

Select One of the Live Video Placeholder Template from drop down to increase your FB Live Aesthetics & gather special attention of audience

Nobody does it till now which means attention grabbing feature

9. 24/7 Support Staff

Got questions? For any query, problem, or question, get in touch with our friendly support staff, who will resolve all your problems instantly.

10. Video Training

Although Live Suite Pro is simple, we have made step-by-step training to make you well-versed with the tool and all features inside it.

Within 10-15 min, you’ll handle Live Suite Pro, like a pro, having full control.

IV. Exclusive Features

Here’s just a few EXCLUSIVE features of Live Suite Pro

Schedule Your Live Video

One and Only App in the World which allows you to Schedule your Facebook Live.

You no longer need bulky and costly webinar platform to interact with your audience or fan following.

With FB Live, You can interact with them face to face LIVE FREE OF COST forever.

Your Audience will receive Real Time FB Notifications as soon as you Go Live on Facebook.

3 Steps: Open -> Set Date & Time -> Schedule

Send Automated Messages

Live Suite Pro will Send a Personalized Response to every Customer who Comments on your Facebook Live while you concentrate on your FB Live without having to worry about replying to the audience.

100% Inbox delivery will Boost your conversions and profits go through the roof.

Your audience will be Thrilled to see this Live Real Time Response to their every Reaction.

3 Steps: Open -> Set Automated message -> Click Approve

Show Live User Reactions

Show user reactions inside your Facebook Live in real time, generating huge excitement and engagement.

Connect with people’s emotions and show Real Time Engagements inside your Facebook Live.

3 Steps: Open -> Insert User Reactions -> Click Start

Go Live on Multiple Pages and Groups at Once

Go Live on Multiple Locations at ONCE.

Instant Syndication of your Facebook Live on all of your Fan Pages and Groups.

Notify All of your fans, subscribers, customers at once about your FB Live to increase your LIVE Audience up to ten folds.

More Visitor means more exposure of your live video which in turn means more audience and business leads every day.

3 Steps: Open -> Select Pages & Groups -> Share

Run Live Tickers in your Live Videos

Make your FB Live highly professional using LIVE Tickers On Your FB Live Videos just like news channel program shows at the bottom of the screen about latest update news.

This will give you a supreme authority in live space with unbeatable class videos.

3 Steps: Open -> Set Ticker Updates & Time of Appearance -> Play

Live Suite Pro Mobile App (iOS & Android)

All the features of ‘Live Suite Pro’ will be available on our iOS and Android Mobile App to make you mobile GO.

You can Schedule, Share, Show Reactions, Send Automated Texts and insert Tickers in your Live Video anytime On The Go when you are traveling or you are out with your Friends.

Our Mobile App will take care of all of your Engagement just like software.

3 Steps: Login -> Select Features -> Go Live

10 Premium Live Video Placeholders Templates

Select One Of the Live Video Placeholder Template from drop down to increase your FB Live Aesthetics & gather special attention of audience
Pertaining to unique placeholder in which your FB Live Video will run.

Nobody does it till now which means attention grabbing strategy to use before your competitors know of this feature.

3 Steps: Selection Placeholder -> Set Live Settings -> Go Live

V. How Does It Work?

This software is created for all levels users, so it is very easy to use. One more thing, you can run this tool only by clicking or even drag & drop which also means you don’t have to face with difficult problem.

For more details, you can watch the demo video below:

135 Seconds Challenge Video

Watch the Quick Demo Video To See it in Action

VI. Why Should Get It Now?

Live Suite Pro is ideal for all walks of weblife.

Live Suite Pro will be a great assistant for almost every marketers (specially is FB marketers), website owners and business owners. Just imagine how great it can leverage your websites, your leads, your offers, your products,.. and how much your conversion rates will increases with all above features!

I think you have seen the benefits of this tool. Maybe you’re concerned about the price. Let me tell you something.

The online business market is more and more difficult, so you have to work very hard to keep up with your competitors. Without using this tool, you will have to take your precious time and money run FB ads, get more subscribers, increase your conversions, traffic or make more sales in order to boost your profit. And the result can’t satisfy your expectations.

Instead of that, you can use the precious time to upgrade your products or finding others products to supply the needs of customers.

That’s the reason why I introduce Live Suite Pro to you today.

Live Suite Pro will help your Live Video to fully reach the highest level it can be: Good-looking design, user experience optimization, highly conversion focus, thorough data collecting system, detailed campaign analytics and that’s mean you will be received More Exposure on FB -> More Viewer -> More Engagement -> More Profits.

You can hardly find a single product on the market with lower price but containing that many functions. Make a Google search right now for each feature of Live Suite Pro and you can easily see how much developers charge for single plugins. Live Suite Pro is offering all of them with a crazy discount price on this Christmas season (81% OFF on Lifetime version), so it’s totally worth your money.

You can also look at yearly plans, but in long-term the lifetime payment will save you a lot of money.

But that discount won’t be there forever. Won’t be there in a couple of days, in fact.


VII. Live Suite Pro Review – Conclusion

To sum up, if you are doing or you have intention to set up an online business or want to viral FB Live Video, Live Suite Pro is exactly what you have to invest.

While you are thinking about buying this tool, other people have bought and used it for their business which also means they are attracting customers from you. Don’t hesitate anymore!

BECAUSE not only you’re getting access to Live Suite Pro for the best price ever offered, but also you can Try It Out For 30 Days Risk Free. When you purchase Live Suite Pro, 100% Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. If you don’t feel satisfy of this product within the first 30 days, you can refund – no question asked. Nothing to lose! What are you waiting for? Get & Try “Live Suite Pro” today right now and Claim “Live Suite Pro Bonus” & plus FREE $25,900 Bonuses from me!

Thanks for reading my Live Suite Pro Review. I hope that my Live Suite Pro Review can satisfy you some parts.


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