[Beginner Guides] How To Build A Profitable Affiliate Website/Blog

How To Build A Profitable Affiliate Website/Blog

How to build a Profitable Affiliate website

I love to share with you guys about my knowledge about how I’ve earned money online.

And today, I’ll talk about How to build a Profitable Affiliate website/blog

Nowaday, Building a website becomes quite easy, especially for something called WordPress.

Here is the worklist, that We have to do:

  • Choose a domain name
  • Develop a Web page
  • Set up the Site (WordPress)
  • Create basic and necessary pages
  • Write the first post

Ok, let’s go….


I just want to note for you to imagine easier :

  1. The domain name is easy to remember
  2. The Domain name should contains expand keywords or brand keywords as SuperClickbank.com or ClickbankMan.com or ClickBankWithPeter.com.
  3. The domain name is short, that will help your readers to remember easier
  4. Easy to spell, read and talk. It would be easy to remember.
  5. .com, .net, .org (Priority “.com” before)
  6. Avoid using numbers and special characters such as hyphens

If I have to choose the domain name now, I will try to think and figure out something – identifiable – brand. Because it will be sustainable.


Ok, you chose yourself the domain name already, let’s register it! You can register the domain name in:

I use the both and use Namecheap when I buy large quantities (cheaper than Godaddy), using Godaddy when I want to buy 1 domain name + 1 WordPress Hosting packages.

Next, you need to register a Hosting package (you should buy Bluehost) or you can use a free Web installation platform as SiteRubix, Weebly, Wix … ..

Now we need to set some basic parameters for Web.


First, you need to install and activate some necessary plugins as Akismet, Yoast SEO, Google XML Sitemaps, Table of Content Plus.

So, you go to the main menu, click on the Plugins menu. Then activate the plugins,that has been installed in the list. If not, you need to set by clicking on the Add New button and search on each plugin to install.

After that, remove all the default tool, commentary, articles (Hello World!) (Menu Posts and All Post) and the available page (Sample Page) (Menu Pages and All pages )


Aftet installation, setting the plugin, delete the default stuff, now you can write on the blog, create the necessary page. The necessary pages you need to create include: Contact, About, Privacy Policy, Terms and conditions.

To create a new page, you find the menu Pages -> Add New

Write a page header, page content and then click the Publish button on the right is finished.

For Privacy Policy , Terms and Conditions pages, you can search Google to find examples and copy them.


How to write the first post?

Well, the first, every post we should split up groups / subtopics. For example, if I want to write a post: “05 most suitable affiliate marketing courses for beginners”, I will layout as follows:

“Title: Top 05 most suitable affiliate marketing courses for beginners”
“Introduction – 50 -100 words” “[Course Name] #1:” – 100 – 300 words
“The Cons/Pros/Price/Testimonial”
“[Course Name] #2:” – 100 – 300 words
“[Course Name] #3:” – 100 – 300 words
“[Course Name] #4:” – 100 – 300 words
“[Course Name] #5:” – 100 – 300 words
My Recommend. Why? (100 – 300 words)

The more information you write, your post is better. I always try to go into detail as possible. Because, readers will appreciate it.

Also you should note, you do not need to be a writer, not a writer,Please write as you are talking to your friends. People love more!

Here are something, that I suggest you do (or at least try to do) when you create content for your website:

  1. TRY to write a post about 2000+ words for your main keyword
  2. TRY to write a post about 600-1000 + for your other keywords
  3. Add at least one picture in a post or page
  4. Always write your way
  5. Publish good content, that you write your way, DON’T COPY THEM!


  • NEVER copy from another’s post nearly
  • DO NOT use images from Google
  • DO NOT use the logo, the brand of any business / company that is not yours

Let’s write!


Peter Davies


P/S: Good news is we’ve got a software that can help you do all of those above tedious tasks on autopilot.

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