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ConnectExplore Review – What are you looking for? Are you looking for more info about CONNECT EXPLORE? Please read my honest review about this product before choosing/purchasing, to know more information, features, who/why should use?, price, etc., of it. Thank you!

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“Revealed: The Most Profitable Targeting Interests Your Competition Doesn’t Know Exists…”


I. ConnectExplore Review – Overview

CreatorWilco de Kreij (Team Connectio)
Launch DateJanuary 04th, 2016 at 10AM EST
Official Price$197.00/yr but today just $97.00
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SupportHeroic Support
RecommendedHighly Recommended

II. Introduction

Hi guys! Welcome to my ConnectExplore Review.

Facebook advertising CAN be a real money maker. Unfortunately, all too often it’s NOT.

The reason why is it’s so difficult to find the right interests to target.

Right now, it involves way too much guesswork.

You won’t know if you’ve hit the right targets without:

A) Complicated split testing
B) Pouring a lot of money down the drain trying to get it right

What if you could eliminate all the hassle . . . and know you’re targeting the right interests, every time?

Now you can. With Connect Explore.

ConnectExplore is Wilco de Kreij’s advanced new Facebook targeting tool.

It unearths hundreds more interests than other tools… and…

Every single one of the interests it finds CAN be targeted (unlike other tools).

Not only does ConnectExplore find these hidden profitable interests for you… It makes it easy to remove any underperforming interests in your ad sets with a single click.

The result?

Your ad sets are tightly targeted. So you get more leads and sales.

While spending far less – because you’ll always know the right interests to go after.

Sound good? Wait ‘til you check out the demo. 🙂

If you can’t wait anymore and want to buy this brand new tool now, it is ok, click button above. But if you want to know more and more about it before you decide, see my ConnectExplore review carefully now!

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III. What Is It?

ConnectExplore Review

Whenever you want to buy something, you have to know what it is. Let me do that for you.

ConnectExplore is Wilco de Kreij’s BRAND NEW tool to uncover the Most Profitable Facebook interests to target…

(This tool is really quite simple to use)

IV. ConnectExplore’s Advanced Targeting Features

Here’s Just A Few Incredible Features Of This Tool

ConnectExplore finds you the lucrative interests your competitors miss out on . . . dominate your niche for skyrocketing ROI on your ad dollars!

User Friendly Layout / Dashboard – find and filter interests with ease

» get the interests you need to dominate your competition, when you need them
save all interests as ‘projects’ you can build on and add to over time

Powerful Interest Search Engine – finds the motivated audiences you NEVER uncover on your own

» search MULTIPLE keywords at once

» auto-suggest feature finds you all related keywords as you search

» uncover even more highly related interests to your keywords by enabling “search extensions”

+ For example, if you typed in ‘nursing’ as your keyword, the extension feature would search for ‘nursing association’ ‘nursing institution, ‘nursing school’ etc. as well

» analyzes which Facebook pages can be used as an interest for your Ads

» cruise past your competitors with interests they’ll NEVER find on their own

“Explore” Pages (no other tool on the market does this)

» ConnectExplore finds Facebook Pages which have liked similar Pages to theirs… then allows you to target these “liked” pages. This way, you can ‘piggyback’ on the work of work of others – you won’t be limited to your own creativity to find interests.

Automated Suggestions

» Once you get an initial list of interests, ConnectExplore suggests an additional list of highly-related suggestions to target

Filtering – results you can actually USE

» powerful, smart filters easily find the best interests for your search strings

» because ConnectExplore is directly integrated with your Facebook ads account, you’ll only see targetable results

Foreign language targeting option – tap into under exploited local markets

» target by foreign languages to find hidden markets other marketers are ignoring

» 43 languages supported – more options than ever to target underserved markets for huge profits

Advanced Targeting – ad costs go down while performance goes up for the ultimate in ROI

» drill down to the most motivated audiences with layering (e.g. people interested in 2,3 or 4 of your interest sets)

» add interest lists to FB ad sets in 1 click (without leaving the ConnectExplore dashboard . . . or any copy & pasting)

Analyse – the best of split testing without the time, hassle or expense
Get a detailed breakdown of the status of EVERY ad you serve PER interest group

» Impressions, clicks, CTR, unique clicks, unique CTR, spend, cost per click

» Works with all of your ad sets – not just those created with interests you discovered with ConnectExplore

» Drop under-performing ad sets in a single click (enables you to constantly optimize your campaigns for a MASSIVE return-on-investment of your ad dollars)

V. How Does It Work?

This software is created for all levels users, so it is very easy to use. One more thing, you can run this tool only by following 4 SIMPLE STEPS below which also means you don’t have to face with difficult problem.

STEP #1: Discovery
Find interests to target, many of which are simply unavailable to your competition

STEP #2: Filter
Find the best interests and most engaged audiences, keenly engaged in your offers

STEP #3: Target
Apply results to specific interests for the highest possible ROI

STEP #4: Analyze & Scale
Measure which interests are working best. Your ads perform at the highest level, putting money back into your pocket

Watch The Demo Video Below To Discover How ConnectExplore Effortlessly Maximizes YOUR Conversions

VI. Who & Why Should Get It Now?

**Who Can Benefit From ConnectExplore?**

CPA Marketers: get more targeted traffic to your offers for less ad spend and bigger profits.

Affiliate Marketers: target buyers your competition is ignoring for an unfair advantage. Adding layering uncovers raging niche fans . . . scale up your offers fast.

List Builders: get more leads for less money by optimizing your ad sets with ConnectExplore.

Local marketing consultants: each local businesses owners like never before. Perfect for those wanting to enter lucrative foreign markets as well.

eCommerce Marketers: get more sales with less ad spend. Find interests you never knew your customers had . . . gives you tons of ideas for new hot selling products to stock in your stores

Social Media Marketers: your competition will never know how you are getting so many leads and sales. They’ll wonder what the secret weapon in your marketing arsenal is!


If you want to finally be successful online, make the money that you want and live the lifestyle you dream of, ConnectExplore is for YOU.

Pre-qualifies every interest as highly relevant for the keywords a user enters

Shows instant performance metrics of each & every interest – without any guesswork or complicated split testing

Finds untapped interests other tools can’t access – giving you a one-sided advantage over your competition

Adds interests directly to your ad manager in a single click – without any cutting and pasting (massive time savings)

Includes interest ‘layering’ in your targeting options… (more on how layering significantly increases your conversions soon)

Doesn’t need any outside tracking tools to measure results (which are a pain to set up)

» In short, this tool FINDS targeted audiences that are hidden from your competition, RATES those audiences for profitability, & helps you serve PRECISE ads for maximum ROI.

Wilco’s new tool drilled down deep to find tons of fresh interests other tools couldn’t find.
And it was a breeze to optimize his campaigns, because . . .

» Wilco’s interests were pre-analyzed for him. This way, he knew they would be relevant to his campaigns before he spent any time creating ads . . . with absolutely no guesswork needed

» No split testing was required. He could view in-depth analytics on how each one of our interests in an ad set was performing. It saved him so much time and hassle

» Underperforming interests could be removed with a single click. This allowed him to continually optimize his campaigns . . . which meant he got more clicks to their offers, yet spent less money on traffic

VII. ConnectExplore Review – Conclusion

To sum up, if you are doing or you have intention to set up an online business with FB marketing (specially is FB Ads), ConnectExplore is exactly what you have to invest.

While you are thinking about buying this tool, other people have bought and used it for their business which also means they are attracting customers from you. Don’t hesitate anymore!

BECAUSE not only you’re getting access to ConnectExplore for the best price ever offered, but also you can Try It Out For 30 Days Risk Free. When you purchase ConnectExplore, 100% Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. If you don’t feel satisfy of this product within the first 30 days, you can refund – no question asked. Nothing to lose! What are you waiting for? Get & Try “ConnectExplore” today right now and Claim “ConnectExplore Bonus” & plus FREE Special Bonus from me!

Thanks for reading my ConnectExplore Review. I hope that my ConnectExplore Review can satisfy you some parts.


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