AdSmartly Review – 10X Faster Way To Build Your List On Facebook

AdSmartly Review – What are you looking for? Are you looking for more info about AdSmartly? Please read my honest review about this product before choosing/purchasing, to know more information, features, who/why should use?, price, etc., of it. Thank you!

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AdSmartly is a One-Click software which enables you to capture the emails addresses of all clickers, likers and commenters on your Facebook ads and sponsored posts. (Read more below)


  • [IMAGINE] maximising the power of Facebook to capture leads
  • [IMAGINE] Making every sponsored post you write a lead capture magnet
  • [IMAGINE] Transforming all your ‘likes’ and ‘comments on sponsored posts into leads instantly
  • [IMAGINE] not losing potential customer leads from high bounce rates from your ads
  • [IMAGINE] Generating an endless supply of lucrative leads from the largest online social platform
  • And much more
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    adsmartly review

    AdSmartly Review

    AdSmartly Review
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    “NEW 1-CLICK SOFTWARE THAT CAPTURES Email Leads Of Clickers, Likers & Commenters Instantly On Complete Autopilot Without A Landing Page Or Optin Form”


    There is NOTHING more dangerous than limiting yourself to a particular way of doing things… Oh yes! Because we’re in a digital era and technology is changing the way we go about generating sales and profit BIG online…

    Today is a remarkable day for you because there is a BIG news around.
    A very beneficial one at that…

    A new ”All-in-one” Facebook list building & marketing tool is launching into the space today. Most remarkably, this app does what no other tool currently in the marketplace can do. With this single tool you can jumpstart a largely profitable online business of your own in within the shortest possible time (build your own lucrative email list on complete autopilot & sell to them inside FB).

    Before I go on to preach the gospel of AdSmartly only to get some of you screaming that yet again another over hype tool… Let me quickly show you a proof that this works & also re-enforce a known fact established by industry experts.

    PROOF: The creator of this tool used this break through technology to promote an affiliate product and he captured 681 leads and won the 3rd position of the launch leaderboard.

    adsmartly proof

    FACT: Facebook stands head and shoulders above all other traffic sources including: Google Adwords, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Email Solo Ads etc. after a detailed comparison analysis by industry experts for the reasons below;

    – Highly Targeted
    – Is Easier To Use
    – Has As Many People On it
    – Has The Same Viral Potential
    – Create More Interaction
    – Most Proven To Be Effective

    But here is an Irony. As good as marketers ourselves & everyone trying to make moolah online as considered Facebook Many people has & still get their fingers burnt when they try to use FB ads to drive sales in their business because of bad experience with ROI.


    With AdSmartly, FB ads is now for everyone. Because it solve the two major long lasting pains we’ve all been suffering in the hand of Facebook.

    AdSmartly is currently running a massive early-bird discount of 60% but this is ONLY available during early bird hours!

    That means the discount is GONE when the clock hits zero!

    The early bird makes this a no-brainer – so take action now and grab it at the lowest price in my AdSmartly review!

    AdSmartly Review – Product Summary

    Product Name: AdSmartly

    Creator: Victory Akpos & Joshua Johnson

    Launch Date: March 24th, 2018

    Launch Time: 11 AM EST

    Official Price: One-Time Cost, $47

    DISCOUNT: Grab AdSmartly today with only $29 (will increase throughout launch)

    Niche: Facebook APP

    Bonus: AdSmartly Bonus + Special Bonus & It’s Yours Right Below!

    Refund: 30 Days Money-Back GUARANTEED

    Recommended: 100% Highly Recommended

    The small list above is just a brief round-up of AdSmartly. However, Victory is offering a great deal for this product on his official website with many available pricing plans. This deal is going to be closed soon so if you want to secure your chance first, click the button below to get instant access to his official website now!

    Meet AdSmartly

    Here’s how to build your list on FB & Market on FB for HUGE profit

    adsmartly review

    AdSmartly Review

    In the first section of my AdSmartly Review, I want to briefly introduce what AdSmartly is all about.

    AdSmartly is the first ever platform that turn FB into a lucrative lead generation machine to ignite a EXPLOSION of new income from every Facebook ad you create!

    AdSmartly makes you a winner with every Facebook Ads you run, get you leads with just 1-click with no fear of bounce landing page, instantly create sales pages, squeeze pages and sell affiliate products + custom products inside your Facebook fan page in less than 45 secs!

    Think about this,
    Many people don’t use FB ads because they have bad experience with ROI. Fortunately With AdSmartly FB ads is now for everyone. Because it solve the two major pains of our customers…

    • Losing leads after they click on a paid ad.
    • Not being able to follow up with your most engaged audience (all the people who liked and commented on your ads).

    This is the most sought after tool many marketers have been wishing they had in their marketing arsenal. With AdSmartly you will no longer loose the connection with this audience who took efforts to comment or like on your Ads. Fortunately, you will never loose your Ad $$ to Facebook ever again.

    Take ACTION Today and AUTOMATE Your Sales!

    You are going to love it. Trust me!

    AdSmartly Review – About Author

    victory akpos

    The men behind this product is Victory Akpos. I’m pretty sure that you may have heard the name Victory Akpos at least once or twice if you are an online marketer. Not only he is a prestigious digital marketer, but he is also a talented product creator who have buzzed the market numerous times with his forward-looking products.

    Because of his renowned reputation in the market, there is no doubt that AdSmartly will also become a huge success in the near future. The next part of my AdSmartly Review is going to articulate its major functions.

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    Features & Benefits

    Take A Look At Some Of Of Industry Game-Changing Smart Features Built Inside AdSmartly

    Custom Link Generating System

    » Never again would you use your destination link raw in creating Facebook ads, but you would rather rely on AdSmartly custom links to set as your Facebook ads destination link to allow you get the most of leads from website Link ads.

    Create Ads Campaign In 30 Secs

    » Do not stress yourself with the extensive learning curve of placing an Ads with Facebook for the first time, with AdSmartly Ads Campaign Creator, within 30 secs you are already done setting up an active campaign that would start making you money.

    Publish Content Instant Share

    » Instantly publish your created content across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter whenever you hit the Publish Now Button after creating your content. You can access millions of premium videos and images through the connected Pixabay API.

    Facebook Pixel Code

    » Never find it challenging to get your ads Pixel code which you would always need for retargeting.

    Lead List

    » Smartly manage all gotten leads from different sources and export as CSV or into Mailchimp, Aweber, Madmimi and Sendlane

    Engage Leads

    » Actively send direct inbox messages to your fan page messenger list, as well as communicate through app notification directly on the users account whose lead has been grabbed through the custom link.

    Language Pack

    » You can easily switch your account language to whichever language that you prefer for accessibility.

    Sponsored Post Engage Audience Connection Channel

    » Don’t let Facebook go with your paid audience, always keep and contact with your warm audience, interact and remarket to them and convert them into leads.

    Custom Tab

    » Creatively create Affiliate Ecom Store page, Landing Page and Squeeze Page directly published on your Facebook fan page, leveraging on Facebook SEO and Viral Traffic to make the most of sales and grab instant leads without having to fill an opt-in form.

    Editable Templates

    » Have access to millions of images you can quickly use to create Facebook specified ads post.

    Read More Strong Features To Use AdSmartly Here

    How Does It Work?

    Here’s How It Works…

    AdSmartly is a One-Click software which enables you to capture the emails addresses of all clickers, likers and commenters on your Facebook ads and sponsored posts.

    • You Don’t Need Any Landing Page Or Opt- In Forms.
    • Just Need The Customized AdSmartly Link.
    • You can then export these leads as a warm audience you can remarket to later on…WITHOUT paying Facebook a penny more on advertising.

    Watch This Demo Video
    To See Why You ABSOLUTELY Need AdSmartly In Your Business

    Very awesome, right? So what makes this product different from others? Continue reading this article to find out.

    Why Do You Need AdSmartly?

    Recently most people started complaining over high cost of Facebook Ads, not able to access their Facebook paid audiences from sponsored posts, high record of bounce rate with website landing page ads that prevent them from getting leads or making sales. So with Adsmartly you can intelligently and ethically get all these from Facebook and make them easily accessible because you have already paid to be granted access.

    #WithAdSmartly you don’t need to bother anymore if users will ever get to your landing page and optin, with the first ever Custom Link technology you can ethically grab all your required leads fantastically before any users’ lands on your promoted page.

    #With AdSmartly you don’t need to worry about Facebook just keeping your acquired leads from your sponsored posts, you can now engaged with your leads and create and export your leads as warm audience that you can keep remarketing to without paying Facebook high anymore.

    #With AdSmartly custom tab technology you can now sell your affiliate products from Amazon, Ebay and Bestbuy or any product at all directly on your Fan page without fear of been seen or having to pay high subscription cost with shopify, leveraging on Facebook SEO for high visibility by prospects.

    Now, YOU Can Get Your Hands On The Same

    Who Can Use AdSmartly?

    who can use adsmartly

    AdSmartly Review – Pros and Cons


    • [ZERO] technical know-how required
    • [ZERO] coding required
    • [ZERO] learning curve
    • [ZERO] time wasted
    • 100% Newbie Friendly – Easy to Set Up
    • Full customer support 24/7
    • 30 Days, See Results Or Money Back Guarantee!


    • The price may increase after a week launch

    About The Price

    » AdSmartly FE priced at $47 $29 (See Details)

    10,000 Limit of captured leads export to an email autoresponder, 20 Custom Links that capture email of clickers, Sponsored Post Engaged Audience Technology (people who liked and commented on their sponsored ads To interact, remarket to them and convert them into leads), Campaign split, Social Posting of Images & Videos to Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

    » OTO#1 priced at $47 (See Details)

    Unlimited access to FE features + Sponsored Post Engaged Audience Technology to manage previously ran sponsored ads on unlimited fan pages, Facebook Pixel, DFY Niche Editable FB Ads templates & Agency license to create 5 sub users.

    » OTO#2 priced at $67 (See Details)

    AdSmartly FB Builder – Creatively create Affiliate Ecom Store page, Landing Page and Squeeze Page directly published on your Facebook fan page, leveraging on Facebook SEO and Viral Traffic to make the most of sales and grab instant leads without having to fill an optin form.

    » OTO#3 priced at $127 to $197 (See Details)

    Whitelabel Rights (50 & 100 licenses). This upsell avail users the ability to customize this brand new app with their name, logo, etc and run it on their own domain in order to sell the services to end users and make money as well.

    When you get instant access to AdSmartly today, you’ll get everything for just…

    adsmartly price

    AdSmartly FE Offer – One Time Cost

    AdSmartly Review – FAQ

    Q. Do I get support?

    A. YES, absolutely. You will never be left stuck or wondering what to do next. Any question or query you have will be answered immediately.

    Q. Do I Need Any Experience To Use AdsMartly To Generate Leads?

    A. No! The software is 100% newbie friendly. You get super simple videos to follow. We are there to answer any question you have.

    Q. How Soon Before I Can Start Seeing Results?

    A. With AdSmartly your results are just a Click away…as you can access your new leads almost immediately.

    Q. Do I Need A Budget For Ads?

    A. Not a requirement! You can use the system to achieve great results for free, however should you want to scale up your results the system has been designed to help you pay less with your ads goal.

    Q. Will This Software System Work In Any Niche?

    A. Sure, is not niche dependent, you can use AdSmartly to target and profit from whatever niche you want.

    Q. What About Training & Support?

    A. There are step-by-step video tutorials inside the dashboard that walk you through how to use the software for profit. Support is always just a click away.

    Final AdSmartly Review

    Victory Akpomedaye offers a 30 days money back guarantee, so if there is anything about the product that you are not satisfied with, just email to ask a refund. No more question at all.

    And if you meet any misunderstanding or confusion when using or learning, make sure you get in touch with the team because they can help you solve your questions right away. You’ve obviously got nothing to lose, and only new sales and conversions to gain.

    What are you waiting for? Let’s try “AdSmartly” today right now and Get your best “AdSmartly Bonus” & plus FREE Special Bonus from me right below!

    I’m also really looking forward to answering any question coming from you guy, so don’t hesitate to contact me anytime. Best wishes to you guys!


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